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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 72  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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box them down but i was a piece of them why did it go on the rocks when. horses ruled over them shoulder homey. does what it does with dog look it's getting better but i thought we dug a little hole have a. house party come up all right. and those in the know in the complex but. the careful and the deputies that it. will lend. the can in the case or worse. a lot of. we're going to hear that leaky work is that it gets to me a lot there that not going to be a lot of it to me. and my boss. because. i look at the cost i think out of balco you see there is no war.
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gave me an incentive we're looking. at c.n.n. survey and you know why they go. and do love but i thought if that's so that's a lot. of why the margins on the. double i'm doing i do you know other than the can be a little you know who are on the dock out of shot last. couple of clay one she our of us out to the field but once i think you know more than half of it but you know the flow of those shots are showing us are all. of them. finally dakar three thousand kilometers and over two weeks on the road but that's not it they're supposed to unload their trucks though it's not unusual for there to be a two lane. in
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fact the drivers don't under the control gurney the. next morning and then have to get ready to collect a new board of fresh produce to transport back to morocco. the shipping agent seems to have arranged for it brahim and i have. to pick up a consignment of mangoes but the food isn't yet ready for connection. this is really very circular i offered up a mock up on officers. of one of the innocent into it with some who are here but maybe there's a risk reward system goodness of the type. that's where i guess it's not so it's almost been what i was kinda sure the move get them walking money but usually the seem a bit of home to someone dealing with that shit now this is a plot was how this one was the first come off child and still all. so often
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it's when a lie low you want to get them off without serious looks likes to sue for how the. office. the next day the two drivers make their way to the warehouse where the mangoes are being packed and both get ready to go. for fresh produce like mangoes the trucks need to be refrigerated for the journey across the desert back to morocco. but abroad he has discovered there's a problem with the refrigeration on his truck it keeps cutting out and he can't figure out why. while he checks again i did could be because the whole it's company
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for advice on how to fix that's. one. thing. that. i know of it might be. the. most fundamental c.v.s. the model i'm coming. out. front of the moment give us give a little did you miss the white. snow at the time she faced it lets you put you on as she said she jumps or did you. want to see the thought of being measured even while the amount of money was a subsidy and it was not say what i want to others but i think that it will be a mosquito she did not say will be up there like the media and i did and stuff. as well so it's a definite site which. shows you that gets offered doesn't miss me. when i
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get to the second coming up as if i have set a goal but then i have extension that will. have them up from seven this in the stomach and out of school one via credit in the world of. the sucker flop on us we know what you're going to get out of. putting up with all it's going to phase. and i don't mind them and you. almost got to know i didn't get shot through i thought you had committed some none of us were in as even fifteen minutes. and when another one of these going to forgot about it would has a frosty been on one of the seats a lot of on topic and the more these missions. i mean look at the past for the money you get the pub lost i did it but i think it was i don't feel any montage because you know i guess he's been a constant with most of your loved ones had a given a bit tentative at ascot but have lost it so. now we're lovers and she begins to
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follow the law something's messed up here but in the bottom up on my chest no. no but i could move from the one of which i'm going to be an accent. of the mother goddess going to them she looks and the other she is moving with the status of some of the other things you know she kind of those who just committed one didn't know kind of a month pushing them especially. when i was you know. solutions enough. so the more. that they have to looks in new. democracy. if our movie got a bad of a writer from that emptiness of a chef what i've got to make a model of or good plus a markup by less of the mischief. it was a mother that everybody could do to us and there i love the she had. the sunni god
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you get no stiction over this you know. it was my bio. shock to me when the muslims are substantial you all want to be sure. they need of all there's a bit of articles of. i don't go home or look here oh oh. my you. you had to go there and get it. ibrahim stops at the police checkpoint and then pulls over as it's evening and he needs to be spouse. he's travelling empty and this part we across mauritania so he checks on what that could be to his truckload of mangoes back at the border
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with senegal. so i don't. feel the wheel but is it the hoke. most of. the whole of the. body i'm a but i'm a muslim most of all have you seen a coke with. the show we'll use it to smoke in the stories and mostly on the. present though i have a lot of that on my pillow. the last snow and wow. i did could be it manages to get through customs and to mauritania i didn't have that they're going to stop that because that's now about a small out of nowhere. but a careless and slow but that's how most of the piling of america values the flag on
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. the roads in mauritania are rough compared with morocco and finished college that often means problems with its higher is. you know what else was above ninety. and i want to know that they're going to bust my demoted. behaved didn't do what my did. and very good. amount of money. as of love other than that it's not that i was not an. honest no did i would. never want to find out i care if i did have a back door but of thought of. the fires in the bottom of the other slate steve. welcome because bass i've been on both said that all. of them are asked to the took
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a muscular the end. of the deal ok that's what i don't want stuff my face to face to face muscles in the back of a forty four with the chin f. eighteen flu safai a. border with zero zero three always gets although he has suffered the most which is a has a lot i need not be funny and i did say the meds didn't tell you what solutions. wish and they still had that if a phone book out from some of your feet he funny. and up top of them want to be as you are no to no i'm not coming down the middle. man as he entered into. an elevator and not going to get out of one of a kind of a i thought idea he and i going to get you out on some kind of and good luck and no . windows it was a defining defining little. man didn't see it as he had it's. as any of those i'm. given him said.
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she had a little while push. governments and i think it helps for us all to get jihad akin to mccain as god man i'm assuming. the two drivers. they are still travelling separate but now well on their way through western sahara and back on moroccan tarmac in touch with each other and back in touch with their families. some of them have been cheated out of my mother did you know none of that would be you know can be the only other love i'm about to my last and something else i want to come up and i love to fish or should always get to go to the form of a dba hot sweaty idea of fifty four cups of i do or i should have to form almost. a lot on the mat. council has and so. they're going to get plenty
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of money at the time. one of the number of them an. order that i haven't found good word and it could be got. a buy in to be able to get more money it's i don't know how. they're going to word of them on a virtual river and show how to solve. the action i'm not going to share. some of the most with the so doesn't this shit has. just died in the leave this there would be a. new i did there was a given moment i won't. know what i have now i'm a member of finish out of the ground. i'm going to.
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do it on. the i'm in another realm of the day in. this department and. some get us. nowhere. near any mechanical converts. even if to link up this could be a stream of greater independence construes. and feeling respect for the tough life he ended brucie. always on the move on the lookout fighting for teak handling the house and the heat on the roads every day of their working lives.
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against the odds and influence of the devastating loss of their loved ones and their homes women from crucial have shown enormous resilience fighting against the odds to keep going in the absence of their beloved brothers fathers. twentieth self to the possible al jazeera while tells the story of female courage in a village the last of its name. women of crucial al-jazeera.
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hello again and welcome back well here across united states wednesday was a severe weather day across much of the united states here across the mississippi river area you can see all the clouds associated with that storm we also had a wintry side up towards the north with about six to seven states under blizzard conditions now this is what we are expecting to see as we go towards thursday the system is going to continue to make its way towards the east and we're going to be seeing a lesser threat but still severe weather down here across parts of alabama as well as georgia even florida may see some as well up towards the north it is still going to be that wintry mix that we see windy conditions a lot of snow not only for parts in that states but also into ontario ontario as well as into quebec will be watching that very carefully temptress though are coming up here washington a high temperature few on friday of about twenty degrees and lana one thousand nine hundred for you there well not seeing a lot of rain across parts of the caribbean this time of year but we're going to be seeing those temperatures reach into the high twenty's maybe even thirty degrees
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here in havana over toward santa domingo thirty one degrees is your high here on thursday and as we go towards friday a beautiful day in with a temperature of twenty seven degrees and then here across parts of argentina we are looking at clear skies few in attempt of twenty four with rain in the forecast for rio attempt at their thirty three. you're watching the news hour life from a headquarters and. coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.s. follows other countries in grounding boeing seven three seven max airplanes after
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the ethiopia cross now there are questions about why it took so long the u.s. congress takes new steps towards ending support for the saudi iraq to let all of the shame in yemen. eight people found dead so far in the rubble of the building containing a school that's collapsed in nigeria. britain's parliament rules out a deal next they'll decide whether to ask the e.u. for a delay departure. hello the u.s. congress plans to scrutinize why america waited to ground boeing seven three seven max jets as other countries and airlines responded more quickly or u.s. aviation regulators change their stance after finding what they describe as new
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evidence from the scene of sunday's ethiopian airlines crash that killed one hundred and fifty seven people reports from boeing's aircraft factory in seattle. globally grounded the entire fleet of all three hundred seventy one boeing seven three seven max airplanes are being taken out of service following two unexplained crashes less than six months apart the u.s. was the last country to ground the planes president donald trump made the announcement and we. had a very detailed. group of people working on the seven thirty seven eight and the seven thirty seven nine knew or appliance. we're going to be issuing an emergency order. to ground all flights of the seven thirty seven max and the seven thirty seven max nine any plane currently in the air will go to its
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destination and thereafter be grounded until further notice the u.s. carriers american airlines and southwest have dozens of seven three seven maxes in their fleets trumps announcement came hours after canada's transport minister said his country's airlines would no longer be flying the aircraft after an analysis of satellite data found similarities between the lion air crash in indonesia in october and the ethiopian airlines disaster a total of three hundred forty six people were killed in the two crashes as a result of new data we received this morning and i had to choose stan lies in on the advice of my experts and as a precautionary measure i'm assuring safety notice boeing issued a statement saying that out of an abundance of caution it had recommended to the us federal aviation administration the temporary suspension of operations of the
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entire global fleet of seven three seven max aircraft the flight data recorders retrieved from the ethiopian airlines crash will be. in france that's an unusual departure from the normal protocol in an accident involving a plane that was built in the united states ethiopian officials reportedly declined to hand over the black boxes to u.s. authorities robert oulds al jazeera yeah. well congress is moving forward with a resolution to withdraw u.s. military support for the saudi and emirates electo alyson fighting in yemen the senate passed the measure which is now likely to be approved by the house of representatives but there's no guarantee it will become law heightism castro explains why from washington on yemen the u.s. senate has spoken again a resolution to and american military assistance to the saudi led coalition
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fighting in yemen passed the upper chamber fifty four to forty six support for the resolution was again bipartisan this is a victory for progressives this is a victory for conservatives and i hope that not only can we end the war in yemen not only can we provide humanitarian relief to a people who need it so badly but that today marks the beginning. when congress understands what its constitutional responsibilities or and takes those responsibilities back if this looks and sounds familiar it's because the senate has gone through the same motions before in december senators passed a similar resolution but it went nowhere in the republican controlled house now that the house has a democratic majority it's expected to sail through the real test is whether president donald trump will sign the resolution into law but trump has threatened to veto
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a white house statement argues the resolution which for the first time evokes the war powers resolution would set a bad legal precedent and despite pressure from members of his own party to distance himself from saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin some on trump has doubled down on his support for him that's despite the cia's conclusion that bin salmond directed the killing of u.s. based journalist. was killed by government hitmen inside the saudi consulate in istanbul nearly six months ago since then the outrage over his murder and dismemberment has been a resurgent topic in congress bringing together members of both parties in a divided government but that has not been enough to convince president donald trump to punish saudi arabia and there's no indication he'll do so now heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington let's speak to the bill who are his the former deputy
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chief of mission at the u.s. embassy in sanaa is joining us now from washington thanks for speaking to us on the news hour on al-jazeera so does this move this resolution actually put the u.s. one step closer to ending its support for the war or any a man or is it merely a symbolic gesture. well it is a symbolic gesture it is another strong condemnation this time by both chambers of congress of the u.s. assistance to the war effort that the saudis have launched and in yemen and however it's a step closer to getting the bill in front of the president whether or not he vetoes it is a question it depends on if the house in voting for introduces another amendment like the senate that watering down the content of this resolution the rubio amendment in the senate essentially exempt
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intelligence exchanges between saudi arabia and the u.s. . from that resolution and this of course takes about one third of the content of the resolution out if the house does something similar in addition to this then perhaps may find his way into signing it but at that point it would be pretty much an empty gesture which aired mina say she could easily get around and as well so this is a second time that the senate has voted on this actual bill so clearly there is appetite from senators from across the aisle republicans and democrats to end the war yet in yemen does that actually press or trump does he even care. no he does not care and it does not pressure him unless they have the sixty votes required in the senate or the right alito at this point they still don't with fifty four there
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are six loads short of that and not likely to pick them up if he does veto it what is a pity is that the g.o.p. the republicans in ocosingo as they didn't it was an either or proposition for them they didn't say we don't want to cut off assistance but we'd like a strong diplomatic initiative by the us to end this war i mean that would do it if you don't want to do it by cutting off aid do it by a strong diplomatic move but they don't want to there are no let of this resolution and what's going on is actually about the war in yemen the humanitarian crisis going on and the u.s. is complicity in that role or is it about sending a message to mohamed bin sandman in particular in the wake of the cost of the murder it's a lot of the staying is lost it's
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a war powers act in other words a message to the president that it is congress authorizes war and that what he's doing in yemen now is an author a so they're reasserting their role in the war powers act but the message today in so mun i don't think he would take that message either unless military aid is actually cut off a symbolic gesture will not be enough either with trump or with muhammad and so much right now bill horry we thank you for speaking to us from washington sure thing. the rescue and recovery efforts are going on through the night in the nigerian city of lagos where a three story building collapsed on wednesday it contained apartments and a primary school eight bodies have been pulled from the rubble so far from lagos the dress has more. freedom at least
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a little and then moving. this is one of several children pulled from the rubble so far. the three story building continued to homes shops and a primary school for least one hundred young students. it's in the tough i-g. area of lagos i haven't the original heart of my just most populous city what's up with this one yeah i don't know i don't know it would be obviously because i feel i pull out all my stuff i see my kids i mean everybody the idea to list again. this child look in the petition you can hear the relieve of the onlookers as she's carriage through the crowd turn on people. then another limp for emerges. and as long as they enjoy it there are those it's too late to say. these are the
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frantic efforts of people waiting for an organized professional response. they used their bare hands trying to get to the unknown number of victims trapped and then these. rescue teams arrive with a crane and speak of successes that nobody caught up in the number of casualties involved that was so far so good well for rescue buckley's that to fall out their rescue i don't mind the rescue mission is still ongoing ever due to machinery to dig through the rubble to get to those still trapped emergency workers say still a rescue operation i need two will continue until the last person is four dollars but as they always process survival chances are also the religious. television stations have shown injured children are the latest and in general hospital such events are all too frequent in nigeria in two thousand and sixteen three building collapses killed at least one hundred thirty people how many.


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